Free Guide For Buying Cartridge Drums For Printers

Your Laser printer might just be your savior and an irreplaceable aid that connects the screen of your computers to Old school papers. All the credits for clear prints go to the Cartridge Drums installed in it which makes this possible! But then there are times when it gives out prints with patches, unclear images, and sentences that can be quite a menace in the times of dire needs.

Hence when it comes to the laser printer to ensure smooth prints constantly it’s Cartridge Drum and Cartridge Toner should stay in perfect shape. As they are the main components that ensure amazing and effortless printing experience through laser printers.
Why your printer needs a Cartridge Drum?
Your Laser Printer works completely based on the co-ordination based between the Cartridge Drum and Toner Cartridge.

The Cartridge toner contains toner powder which is responsible for providing colors to print on paper. But the color alone can’t complete the printing process so it needs a cartridge drum as well. The drum cartridge is an electrically charged cylinder that helps the toner powder to get transferred on to paper for printing texts and images effortlessly.

How to Know It’s time to get a new Cartridge Drum?

Not all the time your laser printer misbehaves there’s a need for replacement. However, sometimes its dysfunctionality might indicate that your printer parts need to be replaced. To know the subtle signs that might indicate you need to replace the Cartridge Drum read on:

1. When your laser printer strats missing words or prints you should check your cartridge drum.
2. You should check your drum Cartridge if you’re getting smudgy and uneven prints from your printers.
3. Sometimes your drums might fail to transfer the toner to the page and you might end up receiving blank pages. If your printer prints consecutive blank pages you should get your drum cartridge.

Best Cartridge Drums available in the market

Going to a hardware store and browsing through the vast shelves for a drum cartridge can be quite a meaningless endeavor when you can buy cartridge drum online with ease. Below is some drum Cartridge that you can order online from Garg computers with ease.

1. Drum Cartridge For Panasonic: Panasonic Laser Printers are well known for their efficiency and accuracy. However, if you want to maintain the quality of prints from it then you should replace the drum cartridge occasionally. You can get drum cartridge for Panasonic Printers online from Garg computers with ease. They have drums that support Panasonic kx-1900, kx-1530, kx-2120, Kx-2130, kx-2170 and Kx-MB1500, kx-MB1520 printers.

2. Drum Cartridge For Samsung: If you own a Samsung Laser printer then to replace its cartridge instead of going at a hardware store you can order it from Garg Computers as well. Their Drums cartridge is compatible with a large number of Samsung printers you can order it online with ease.

3. Drum Cartridge For HP: HP printers are always on the peak of popularity because of their print quality. Garg computers have a large variety of Cartridge Drums that would compliment HP printers with ease. With the versatile options of HP Drum Cartridge, you will surely find one that would cater to your printing needs.

To Sum it up

Now that you know how important cartridge drums are for your printers. You should keep them at constant check. Further, if your prints are getting blurry and smudged you can replace your Drum Cartridge with a new one from Garg Computers.

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All in One Guide for Buying Amazing Printer Head

A printer is an irreplaceable part of your home and work environment! So even a minor flaw in your printer can hamper the workflow dramatically. Hence, having top-notch printers and their parts such as printer head is a must if you want to sail through your day to day endeavors with ease.

Printer heads are basically the tiny hardware component present in the printers that are responsible for processing the printing instruction from the computer and printing them on paper. If there’s a flaw in your printer’s head the prints won’t be clear. So, getting your hands on the best and cheap printer head is a must for optimal printing experience.

Things to keep in mind while buying

When you buy a printer head for your printer there are a few things you must keep in mind for getting effortless printing. Take a look at all the tips and tricks that you can follow while shopping for printer heads for getting flawless prints:

  1. Always buy a printer’s head that’s compatible with your printer Never mismatch the brand of printer and printer’s head as they are designed to work along with the specific model.
  2. Clean your printer heads frequently to avoid ink clotting: This can be a major problem with printer heads if they are not used continuously. The clotted ink in the printer head can lead to smudged and non-clear prints. So cleaning them often is a must to ensure crystal clear printing.
  3. Use your printer often: If you have a printer and are not using regularly, it can become really lousy. When the printer is idle for a long time, the ink tends to get dry and clogs the printer head. Print a page or two every week even if you don’t need it so that the ink doesn’t get dry.

Best printer head available in the market:

When it comes to printer heads investing into one that performs the best without hurting your pockets is a must.  Given below are a few printer heads available in affordable prices:

Epson printer head:

Epson Printer Head




Epson Printers are widely used in both home and office environment and there is a number of versatile printer heads available for them. With a vast number of printers models available in the market, the printer heads by Epson are designed to support their printers efficiently. These top-quality printer heads are a perfect accessory for your printers to improve their performance. You can grab compatible printer heads online here instead of surfing in hardware stores for hours.





Canon printer head:

Canon printer head




Owning a Canon printer’s head that’s compatible with your printer will make printing a smooth experience. Hence, if you are looking for printing heads that are versatile, cheap and gives an error-free performance, buy printer heads such as CA91 and CA92 Cartridge. These printer heads are compatible with printer models of Canon such as G4000, G1000, G2000, and G3000 printers. Hence, It makes this printer head quite a versatile product.





HP printer head:

HP Printer Head




HP printers have been the acing the market of printers. Their innovative technologies ensure high-quality print and excellent performance. Kits such as HP 711 supports CQ891A, CQ893A, and CQ890A printers. These kits can be the perfect replacement for your old ones and can easily improve your printer’s performance. Further, you can also get Hp 934 multicolor combo for Hp’s OfficeJet Pro printers as well.







Printer heads are the core hardware element of printers and their smooth functioning is a must for effortless printing. So, having good printer heads and maintaining them by cleaning frequently is a must. Since you are now equipped with all the best printer heads at cheap prices you can easily get a good printer head for your printer.

So without any further adieu grab a printer’s head from Garg computers and get an effortless printing experience


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Error 5200 Canon printer

Please reset the printer

1. Turn off your printer
2. Press and hold the STOP/RESET button
3. Press and hold Power ON button
4. While holding the Power ON button, release the STOP/RESET button
5. While holding still the Power ON button, press twice the STOP/RESET button
6. Release the Power ON button
7. Wait until it display an “idle” message. It will take about a minute.
8. When “idle” appear, open the top cover to expose the cartridges.
9. Lift up the cover for cartridge holder and take out both the black and color cartridges
10. Return the cover of cartridge holder and turn off the printer
11. Return the top cover and turn on the printer again
12. After the printer initialize, return the cartridges.

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Computer not showing in network windows 10

  1. Go To Control Panel
  2.  Go To Administrator Tools->Services
  3. Find Function Discovery Provider Host->Startup Type->Automatic (delayed start)
  4. Find Function Discovery Resource Publication->Startup Type->Automatic (delayed start)
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  1. You have an anti-virus software preventing the installer from launching. Disable your anti-virus software and run the installer again.
  2. The installer is being blocked by Windows Vista. You can unblock it by right-clicking the installer and going to “Properties > General > Advanced” and select the “Unblock” option.
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How to remove error sc559 of Ricoh sp111 ?

Fusing Unit Third Jam Error (Fatal Error)


The exit sensor failed to detect the leading edge of the paper within the prescribed time and triggered a jam alert.

Make sure the fusing unit has been installed correctly

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How to Solve Error Code Print Unable 71! In Brother Printer ?

Print Unable 71 error message has to deal with the laser unit polygon motor. On most Brother machines the laser unit does not start up until it starts to print. If the motor does not get to operating speed in a set amount of time then the machine will produce a “Print Unable 71” error message. It is possible that this is caused by failed lubrication in the polygon motor bushing. You can try to S

1. Turn the machine off then back on

2. Replace the Laser Unit or Clean and Lubricate the shaft and bushing with a light weight lubricating oil

3. Replace the Main Board PCB

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How to fix taskbar search problems in Windows 10

Restart Cortana / Search process.
1) Right-click the task bar at the bottom of your computer desktop and choose Task Manager.

2) Press the C key on your keyboard and better locate the process Cortana, then right click it and click End task.

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