Computer not showing in network windows 10

  1. Go To Control Panel
  2.  Go To Administrator Tools->Services
  3. Find Function Discovery Provider Host->Startup Type->Automatic (delayed start)
  4. Find Function Discovery Resource Publication->Startup Type->Automatic (delayed start)
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  1. You have an anti-virus software preventing the installer from launching. Disable your anti-virus software and run the installer again.
  2. The installer is being blocked by Windows Vista. You can unblock it by right-clicking the installer and going to “Properties > General > Advanced” and select the “Unblock” option.
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How to remove error sc559 of Ricoh sp111 ?

Fusing Unit Third Jam Error (Fatal Error)


The exit sensor failed to detect the leading edge of the paper within the prescribed time and triggered a jam alert.

Make sure the fusing unit has been installed correctly

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How to Solve Error Code Print Unable 71! In Brother Printer ?

Print Unable 71 error message has to deal with the laser unit polygon motor. On most Brother machines the laser unit does not start up until it starts to print. If the motor does not get to operating speed in a set amount of time then the machine will produce a “Print Unable 71” error message. It is possible that this is caused by failed lubrication in the polygon motor bushing. You can try to S

1. Turn the machine off then back on

2. Replace the Laser Unit or Clean and Lubricate the shaft and bushing with a light weight lubricating oil

3. Replace the Main Board PCB

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How to fix taskbar search problems in Windows 10

Restart Cortana / Search process.
1) Right-click the task bar at the bottom of your computer desktop and choose Task Manager.

2) Press the C key on your keyboard and better locate the process Cortana, then right click it and click End task.

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1. – Reboot, and repeatedly press F10 at the HP logo until the recovery screen appears.
2. – When the recovery screen appears, press “Next” and then “Yes” to perform a non-destructive recovery.
3. – To perform a destructive recovery, click “Advanced” and then “Yes”.
4. – After the recovery is finished, the laptop will reboot.

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1. – Reboot, and press Ctrl + F11 at the Dell logo.
2. – The Dell™ PC Restore by Symantec screen will come up.
3. – Select “Restore” or use the Tab key to highlight it and press Enter.
4. – if you wish to continue, click “Confirm”, or use the Tab key to highlight it and press Enter.
5. – When the utility is finished, click “Finish”, or use the Tab key to highlight it and press Enter.

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1. – Power on the machine
2. – At the white ACER BIOS screen, hold the “Alt” key and press the “F10” key simultaneously to start Acer eRecovery
3. – Once eRecovery has loaded, click “Restore to Factory Default Settings”
4. – Click “OK” to continue
5. – From here, the eRecovery process will update all the data on the C: drive and restore a fully functional factory image (approximately 10 minutes).
6. – Once eRecovery has run, press “OK” to reboot unit

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50.1 FUSER ERROR – HP Color Laserjet 4700, 4730 MFP, CP4005

Like the 50.2 fuser error the 50.1 fuser error in the HP color laserjet 4700, 4730, and CP4005 is more likely to happen than other fuser errors. The 50.1 fuser error means the thermistors inside the fuser have sent a signal to the DC controller that the temperature inside the fuser is to low to properly bond the toner to the paper. To avoid print quality and paper jam issues the machine shuts down and displays the error on the control panel. First thing to try is turning the machine off and back on. Second is to verify the machine is plugged straight into a wall outlet and not a power strip or battery back up. Finally, turn the machine off and let it sit 10 to 20 minutes. This step allows the machines boards to discharge so if an error code has stuck in the machines memory this will allow it to clear itself. If all else fails then reseating it could resolve the issue. Below is the instructions to perform this action.

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